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Posted in Art, Painting on May 15, 2008 by tupperstudio


Untitled #1


      Untitled #2 in Process                            Untitled #2                         

 I am continuing with the Terra Series but am now considering making the Terra Series a part of the Journeys Collection which would be composed of the Terra Series and Celestial Bearings (working title).  The Celestial Bearings would continue the theme of mapping but rather than the earth or geography, it would be a mapping of the skies, but certainly not this galaxy. 

My first attempt is Untitled #1 above which though it has some good qualities seems to lack a sense of depth and interest.  My second attempt is shown above as Untitled #2 and is the end product that starts with the process shown in the preceeding image–Untitled #2 in process.  The first image is the foundation for the detail which is laid on top with India ink.  I find the theme intriguing and challenging and reminds us all of the journeys in our lives.