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                                               Untitled #1

                                                 Untitled #2

Continuing with the Journeys Series, I do not consider the previous post’s image complete.  As you can see by both Untitled #1 and #2, I have added the complementary color–a red-orange–to the composition to guide the eye through the painting.  At this time, I have four paintings and am considering the name, Celetial Journeys and renaming Terra to Journeys through Terra.  The fourth painting of Celestial Journeys appears below:

Although lighter in tone, it reveals more layering of images and greater depth.  Once again, the use of a red-orange detail guides the eye around the composition. 

And now as I approach another season in my life, I am considering adding another journey–Spiritual Journeys which may complete the Journeys Series–Terra/Celestial/Spiritual.