An Inconvenient Interruption

To those of you who follow my work and wonder what’s become of me, I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2008 and underwent surgery in June.  It kept me from the studio in one way or another and slowed down the progress of my work although I participated in Portland Open Studios in October.  I feel as though I am getting back on the road to creating my work and look forward to a fruitful winter.  I am still at work on the Terra Series without leaving behind my beloved Technicolor Cows.  I hope to do more postings to my blog to keep my friends and follwers up-to-date.  Check back at least monthly to learn what progress my work is making and thanks for your interest and support.

I did complete one painting during Portland Open Studios that I like very much and hope you do too.

Technicolor Cows XVII

Technicolor Cows XVII

2 Responses to “An Inconvenient Interruption”

  1. connie cleaton Says:

    Love the technicolor cows! A totally new vision of cow-dom. What drew you to them in the first place?

    Also, I’m curious about the sacred words. I’m fascinated by them, and like most people the first thing I did was try to read them…. And then I wondered if you meant them to be read at all. Any commentary on them?

  2. The Technicolor Cows began with the Santiam Longhorns which you can see in the Wild & Domestic Collection on my website. I found them in the Santiam Pass where my brother lived and, (always with a camera) stopped to photograph them. I was drawn to them immediately because of their immense size and yet languid demeanor in the pasture. When I developed the technique of watercolor pours/watercolor crayon which began with the Opus series, I decided to use that technique with the Santiam Longhorns which was a transparent watercolor.

    The Sacred Words began during the Bush administration when I was so frustrated with the double-speak that was coming from the politicians to rationalize the need for the war in Iraq. Originally I had entitled the series Sacred Words Imperfect which I have sense changed to Sacred Words. The idea is for the viewer to determine the word that is in the image and in so doing, give thought to the word and its deepest meaning.

    Also, there is a paragraph or so explaining each collection which may give more insight to the series of paintings…check out the explanation of Technicolor Cows on the website.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.

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