Celestial Bearings #2

Celestial Bearings #2

I am now busy painting, matting and framing to prepare for a one-person show to be exhibited in July at Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington.  I am combining the two series–Terra and Celestial Bearings into a single exhibit entitled Journeys.   The Artist Statement for the exhibit explains my thinking behind the work–

        “Rather than force a focus onto the viewer, I prefer to suggest several interpretations of the Terra Series and provide a starting point for individual discovery. 

         “The work may stir exploration of the imagination to a place remembered or yet to be found.  The painting may suggest unknown continents and the symbols chart a path to new frontiers.  The travel to a distant country gives the viewer gives the viewer the opportunity to conjure their own unique story for each painting.  Another interpretation is the juxtaposition of the human imprint and nature building a bridge between the planet and man’s attempt to exact a structure on the organic.

         “Celestial Bearings followed the Terra Series as a natural progression bringing attention to the mysteries of the skies.  Once again, these are unknown parts of the universe and prompt one to take their imagination along on this journey to the outer limits.”

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