An Inconvenient Interruption

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To those of you who follow my work and wonder what’s become of me, I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2008 and underwent surgery in June.  It kept me from the studio in one way or another and slowed down the progress of my work although I participated in Portland Open Studios in October.  I feel as though I am getting back on the road to creating my work and look forward to a fruitful winter.  I am still at work on the Terra Series without leaving behind my beloved Technicolor Cows.  I hope to do more postings to my blog to keep my friends and follwers up-to-date.  Check back at least monthly to learn what progress my work is making and thanks for your interest and support.

I did complete one painting during Portland Open Studios that I like very much and hope you do too.

Technicolor Cows XVII

Technicolor Cows XVII


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                                               Untitled #1

                                                 Untitled #2

Continuing with the Journeys Series, I do not consider the previous post’s image complete.  As you can see by both Untitled #1 and #2, I have added the complementary color–a red-orange–to the composition to guide the eye through the painting.  At this time, I have four paintings and am considering the name, Celetial Journeys and renaming Terra to Journeys through Terra.  The fourth painting of Celestial Journeys appears below:

Although lighter in tone, it reveals more layering of images and greater depth.  Once again, the use of a red-orange detail guides the eye around the composition. 

And now as I approach another season in my life, I am considering adding another journey–Spiritual Journeys which may complete the Journeys Series–Terra/Celestial/Spiritual.














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Untitled #1


      Untitled #2 in Process                            Untitled #2                         

 I am continuing with the Terra Series but am now considering making the Terra Series a part of the Journeys Collection which would be composed of the Terra Series and Celestial Bearings (working title).  The Celestial Bearings would continue the theme of mapping but rather than the earth or geography, it would be a mapping of the skies, but certainly not this galaxy. 

My first attempt is Untitled #1 above which though it has some good qualities seems to lack a sense of depth and interest.  My second attempt is shown above as Untitled #2 and is the end product that starts with the process shown in the preceeding image–Untitled #2 in process.  The first image is the foundation for the detail which is laid on top with India ink.  I find the theme intriguing and challenging and reminds us all of the journeys in our lives.



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I spent some time working with the acrylics but last week the watercolor called me back.  I truly do enjoy watercolor and the avenues it opens to me–much more than acrylic which I haven’t had the time to explore.  I know that there are many things to be done with acrylic; however, my experience lies in watercolor and the new techniques I exploring.  The map piece below is  a direction that I first experimented with about a year ago–The Terra Series.  Last week I worked on four pieces, one which I show here and the others on my website– http//

The mapping into uncharted territories is what intrigues me most.  There are several layers of color that are laid down in a variety of techniques.  I have been accepted into Portland Open Studios which will take place in the on two weekends in October –11-12th and 18-19th, 2008, which will showcase the series. I am hoping that the work will appeal to others as it does to me.  

TERRA VI - watercolor/India ink

TERRA VI  (watercolor/India ink)

In the meantime, I am continuing to work on Sacred Words Imperfect Series.  I have a solo show in May 2008 at a small gallery in Southeast Portland–Janovec Gallery which will focus on the Sacred Words Series.



Welcome to my studio….

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The world of blog has come to me in my painting studio.  It’s my intention to keep friends and patrons interested in my work up-t0-date.  A second incentive is personal–to keep me working and explode the myth that I am in my studio alone and no one is aware of how much work I am producing.  Whether anyone reads the blog or not may not be as important as knowing that I need to be in my studio producing work.

 At the beginning of the month, I ventured into acrylic for a short experiment.  The results, Time Squared #1, is shown.

Time Squred #1