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I spent some time working with the acrylics but last week the watercolor called me back.  I truly do enjoy watercolor and the avenues it opens to me–much more than acrylic which I haven’t had the time to explore.  I know that there are many things to be done with acrylic; however, my experience lies in watercolor and the new techniques I exploring.  The map piece below is  a direction that I first experimented with about a year ago–The Terra Series.  Last week I worked on four pieces, one which I show here and the others on my website– http//

The mapping into uncharted territories is what intrigues me most.  There are several layers of color that are laid down in a variety of techniques.  I have been accepted into Portland Open Studios which will take place in the on two weekends in October –11-12th and 18-19th, 2008, which will showcase the series. I am hoping that the work will appeal to others as it does to me.  

TERRA VI - watercolor/India ink

TERRA VI  (watercolor/India ink)

In the meantime, I am continuing to work on Sacred Words Imperfect Series.  I have a solo show in May 2008 at a small gallery in Southeast Portland–Janovec Gallery which will focus on the Sacred Words Series.



Welcome to my studio….

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The world of blog has come to me in my painting studio.  It’s my intention to keep friends and patrons interested in my work up-t0-date.  A second incentive is personal–to keep me working and explode the myth that I am in my studio alone and no one is aware of how much work I am producing.  Whether anyone reads the blog or not may not be as important as knowing that I need to be in my studio producing work.

 At the beginning of the month, I ventured into acrylic for a short experiment.  The results, Time Squared #1, is shown.

Time Squred #1